HLA Typing Reagents

The Collaborative Transplant Study provides high quality serological and molecular HLA-typing reagents and kits for antibody testing to study participants at self-cost. These reagents have been available for many years and we believe that they are an important contributing factor to the excellent correlation of immunological parameters with graft survival found in the CTS data. The CTS website contains the current versions of kit manuals as well as updated interpretation schemes and tables. The manuals are available in PDF-format. To display PDF image format, Adobe's freely available Acrobat Plug-in or Acrobat Reader Software is required. (Obtain free Adobe Acrobat.)

Each product can be identified by its 3-digit ordering code (product number).

The CTS-PCR-SSP reagents are CE-labelled in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. The Quality Management System is EN ISO 13485 certified .

Molecular HLA Typing Reagents

Reagents for HLA class I and class II typing based on the PCR-SSP method:

Serological Reagents for Antibody Screening

Frozen lymphocyte trays for antibody screening.

Other Products

Further Information

For more detailed information about CTS reagents please contact:

Name:Hien Tran, M.D.
Phone:+49 6221 564005


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