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Author(s) Sadeghi M, Lahdou I, Mehrle S, Navid MH, Daniel V, Zeier M, Schnitzler P, Opelz G, Terness P
Title Increased serum kynurenine level is associated with severity of kidney injury in puumala hantavirus infection.
Source J Virol Antivir Res 3:3, 6 pages, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Clatworthy MR, Matthews RJ, Döhler B, Willcocks LC, Opelz G, Smith KGC
Title Defunctioning polymorphism in the immunoglobulin G inhibitory receptor (FcγRIIB-T/T232) does not impact on kidney transplant or recipient survival.
Source Transplantation 98:285-291, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Lahdou I, Engler C, Mehrle S, Jonas JB, Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Opelz G, Terness P
Title Role of human corneal endothelial cells in T-cell-mediated alloimmune attack in vitro.
Source Invest Opth Vis Sci 55:1213-1221, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title HLA matching and kidney transplantation: beyond graft survival.
Source Clinical Transplants 2013, Terasaki Festschrift (M.J. Everly and P.I. Terasaki, editors), pp 121-126, Terasaki Foundation Laboratory 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Weimer R, Ettrich M, Renner F, Dietrich H, Süsal C, Deisz S, Padberg W, Opelz G
Title ATG induction in renal transplant recipients: Long-term hazard of severe infection is associated with long-term functional T cell impairment but not the ATG-induced CD4 cell decline.
Source Hum Immunol 75:561-569, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Cardiovascular death in kidney recipients treated with renin-angiotensin system blockers.
Source Transplantation 97:310-315, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Wettstein D, Opelz G, Süsal C
Title HLA antibody screening in kidney transplantation: current guidelines.
Source Langenbeck Arch Surg 399:415-420, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Wang H, Sadeghi M, Opelz G
Title Interferon-gamma-producing regulatory T cells as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in organ transplantation.
Source Int Rev Immunol 33:195-211, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Opelz G, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Clinical relevance of HLA antibody monitoring after kidney transplantation.
Source J Immunol Res Volume 2014, Article ID 845040, 5 pages Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Renin-Angiotensin System Blockers and Cardiovascular Death in Kidney Recipients.
Source Transplantation 97:e62-e63, 2014 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Müller CR, Mytilineos J, Ottinger H, Arnold R, Bader P, Beelen D, Bornhäuser M, Dreger P, Eiermann T, Einsele H, Faé I, Fischer G, Füssel M, Holler E, Holzberger G, Horn PA, Kröger N, Lindemann M, Seidl C, Spriewald B, Süsal C, Blasczyk R, Finke J
Title German consensus 2013 on immunogenetic donor selection criteria in allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Source Thieme 4:190-196, 2014 Abstract Full Text


Author(s) Süsal C, Roelen DL, Fischer G, Campos EF, Gerbase-DeLima M, Hönger G, Schaub S, Lachmann N, Martorell J, Claas F
Algorithms for the determination of unacceptable HLA antigen mismatches in kidney transplant recipients.
Source Tissue Antigens 82:83-92, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Scherer S, Sadeghi M, Huth-Kühne A, Opelz G
Title HIV-specific CD8+ T lymphocytes in blood of long-term HIV-infected haemophilia patients.
Source Biores Open Access 2:399-411, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Adamek M, Heyder J, Heinold A, Fiedler G, Opelz G, Tran TH
Characterization of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) variants by allele-specific sequencing of MBL2 and determination of serum MBL protein levels.
Source Tissue Antigens 82:410-415, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Dierselhuis MP, Spierings E, Drabbels J, Hendriks M, Alaez C, Alberu J, Alvarez MB, Burlingham W, Campos E, Christiaans M, Claas F, Fasano ME, Gerbase de Lima M, Gervais T, Gorodezky C, Larriba J, Lardy NM, Latinne D, Morales-Beunrostro L, Moreno MJ, Oguz F, Opelz G, Sergeant R, Tambutti M, Teper S, Tilanus M, Turkmen A, Warrens AN, Weimar W, Goulmy E
Title Minor H antigen matches and mismatches are equally distributed among recipients with or without complications after HLA identical sibling renal transplantation.
Source Tissue Antigens 82:312-316, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Ceppellini Lecture 2012: Collateral damage from HLA mismatching in kidney transplantation.
Source Tissue Antigens 82:235-242, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Opelz G
Title Current role of human leukocyte antigen matching in kidney transplantation
Source Curr Opin Organ Transpl 18:438-444, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Gombos P, Opelz G, Scherer S, Süsal C
Title Influence of test technique on sensitization status of patients on the kidney transplant waiting list.
Source Am J Transplant 13:2075-2082, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Association between steroid dosage and death with a functioning graft after kidney transplantation.
Source Am J Transplant 13:2096-2105, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Opelz G, Morath C
Title Role and value of luminex-detected HLA antibodies before and after kidney transplantation.
Source Transfus Med Hemother 40:190-195, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Gombos P, Opelz G, Scherer S, Morath C, Zeier M, Schemmer P, Langer RM, Süsal C
Title Superiority of AbCross enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay cross-match over the B-cell complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity cross-match.
Source Transplant Proc 45:1383-1385, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Wang H, Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Opelz G
Title Differences in the induction of induced human CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ Treg and CD3+CD8+CD28- Ts subset phenotypes in vitro: comparison of phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate/ionomycin and phytohaemagglutinin stimulation.
Source Transplant Proc 45:1822-2831, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Velasquez SY, Garcia LF, Opelz G, Alvarez CM, Süsal C
Title Release of soluble CD30 after allogeneic stimulation is mediated by memory T cells and regulated by INF-g and IL-2.
Source Transplantation 96:154-161, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Wang H, Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Opelz G
Title Plasticity and overlap of in-vitro induced regulatory T-cell markers in healthy humans.
Source Transplant Proc 45:1816-1821, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Tran TH, Unterrainer C, Fiedler G, Döhler B, Scherer S, Ruhenstroth A, Adamek M, Middleton D, Opelz G
Title No impact of KIR-ligand mismatch on allograft outcome in HLA-compatible kidney transplantation.
Source Am J Transplant 13:1063-1068, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Sadeghi M, Daniel V, Wang H, Zeier M, Schemmer P, Mehrabi A, Lahdou I, Morath C, Opelz G
Title Plasmapheresis adjusts inflammatory responses in potential kidney transplant recipients.
Source Transplantation 95:1021-1029, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Sund F, Tufveson G, Döhler B, Opelz G, Eriksson B
Title Clinical outcome with low-dose valacyclovir in high-risk renal transplant recipients: a 10-year experience.
Source Nephrol Dial Transpl 28:758-765, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B, Ruhenstroth A, Cinca S, Unterrainer C, Stricker L, Scherer S, Gombos P, Süsal C, Daniel V, Tran H
Title The collaborative transplant study registry.
Source Transpl Rev 27:43-45, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Tönshoff B, Fichtner A, Rieger S, Höcker B, Opelz G
Title Langzeitprognose der Nierentransplantation im Kindes- und Jugendalter.
Source Nieren Hochdruckkrankh 42:152-158, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Melk A, Schildhorn C, Hömme M, Knoch M, Schmidt BMW, Serth J, Scherer S, Döhler B, Opelz G
Title Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms on chromosome 9p21.3 with cardiovascular death in kidney transplant recipients.
Source Transplantation 95:928-932, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Klein K, Süsal C, Schäfer SM, Becker LE, Beimler J, Schwenger V, Zeier M, Schemmer P, Macher-Goeppinger S, Scherer S, Opelz G, Morath C
Title Living donor kidney transplantation in patients with donor-specific HLA antibodies enabled by anti-CD20 therapy and peritransplant apheresis.
Source Atherosclerosis Supp 14:199-202, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Lahdou I, Sadeghi M, Oweira H, Fusch G, Daniel V, Mehrabi A, Jung GE, Elhadedy H, Schmidt J, Sandra-Petrescu F, Iancu M, Opelz G, Terness P, Schefold JC
Title Increased serum levels of quinolinic acid indicate enhanced severity of hepatic dysfunction in patients with liver cirrhosis.
Source Hum Immunol 74:60-66, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Billing H, Sander A, Süsal C, Ovens J, Feneberg R, Höcker B, Vondrak K, Grenda R, Friman S, Milford DV, Lucan M, Opelz G, Tönshoff B
Title Soluble CD30 and ELISA-detected human leukocyte antigen antibodies for the prediction of acute rejection in pediatric renal transplant recipients.
Source Transplant Int 26:331-338, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Heinold A, Opelz G, Döhler B, Unterrainer C, Scherer S, Ruhenstroth A, Tran TH
Title Deleterious impact of HLA-DRB1 allele mismatch in sensitized recipients of kidney retransplants.
Source Transplantation 95:135-141, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Gondos A, Döhler B, Brenner H, Opelz G
Title Kidney graft survival in Europe and the United States: Strikingly different long-term outcomes.
Source Transplantation 95:267-274, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Wang H, Opelz G
Title CD4+CD25+Foxp3+IFNγ+CD178+ human induced Treg (iTreg) contribute to suppression of alloresponses by apoptosis of responder cells.
Source Hum Immunol 74:151-162, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Tait BD, Süsal C, Gebel HM, Nickerson PW, Zachary AA, Claas FHJ, Reed EF, Bray RA, Campbell P, Chapman JR, Coates PT, Colvin RB, Cozzi E, Doxiadis IIN, Fuggle SV, Gill J, Glotz D, Lachmann N, Mohanakumar T, Suciu-Foca N, Sumitran-Holgersson S, Tanabe K, Taylor CJ, Tyan DB, Webster A, Zeevi A, Opelz G
Title Consensus guidelines on the testing and clinical management issues associated with HLA and non-HLA antibodies in transplantation.
Source Transplantation 95:19-47, 2013 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G
Title President's Address. The Transplantation Society – Berlin 2012.
Source Transplantation 95:4-7, 2013 Abstract Full Text


Author(s) Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Wang H, Opelz G
Title CD4+CD25+Foxp3+IFNγ+ Treg are immunosuppressive in vitro and increase with intensity of the alloresponse in pretransplant MLC.
Source Transpl Immunol 27:114-121, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Wang H, Opelz G
Title In-vitro inhibition of INFγ+ iTreg mediated by monoclonal antibodies against cell surface determinantes essential for iTreg function.
Source BMC Immunology 13:47, 11 pages, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Velásquez SY, Süsal C, Opelz G, García LF, Alvarez CM
Title Alloantigen-stimulated induction and release of CD30 in patients with end-stage renal failure.
Source Hum Immunol 73:1102-1108, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Moore J, McKnight AJ, Döhler B, Simmonds MJ, Courtney AE, Brand OJ, Briggs D, Ball S, Cockwell P, Patterson CC, Maxwell AP, Gough SCL, Opelz G, Borrows R
Title Donor ABCB1 variant associates with increased risk of kidney allograft failure.
Source J Am Soc Nephrol 23:1891-1899, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Association of HLA mismatch with death with a functioning graft after kidney transplantation.
Source Am J Transplant 12:3031-3038, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Billing H, Rieger S, Süsal C, Waldherr R, Opelz G, Wühl E, Tönshoff B
Title IVIG and rituximab for treatment of chronic antibody-mediated rejection: A prospective study in paediatric renal transplantation with a 2 year follow-up.
Source Transplant Int 11:1165-1173, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Shah S, Harwood SM, Döhler B, Opelz G, Yaqoob MM
Title Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase polymorphisms and renal allograft outcome.
Source Transplantation 94:486-491, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Opelz G, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Recent developments in desensitization of crossmatch-positive kidney transplant recipients.
Source Transplant Proc 44:1648-1651, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Becker LE, Leo A, Beimler J, Klein K, Seckinger J, Kihm LP, Schemmer P, Macher-Goeppinger S, Wahrmann M, Böhmig GA, Opelz G, Süsal C, Zeier M, Schwenger V
Title ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation enabled by non-antigen-specific immunoadsorption.
Source Transplantation 93:827-834, 2012. Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Opelz G
Title Posttransplant sCD30 as a biomarker to predict kidney graft outcome.
Source Clin Chim Acta 413:1350-1353, 2012. Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Opelz G, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Prevention of antibody-mediated kidney transplant rejection.
Source Transplant Int 25:633-645, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Opelz G
Title Impact of HLA matching and HLA antibodies in organ transplantation. A collaborative transplant study view.
Source Methods Mol Biol 882:267-277, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Beimler J, Opelz G, Scherer S, Schmidt J, Macher-Goeppinger S, Klein K, Sommerer C, Schwenger V, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Living donor kidney transplantation in crossmatch-positive patients enabled by peritransplant immunoadsorption and anti-CD20 therapy.
Source Transplant Int 25:506-517, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Heyder J, Heinold A, Fiedler G, Opelz G, Tran TH
Title Characterization of four new HLA alleles: HLA-B*15:01:18, HLA-B*44:110, HLA-C*04:01:22 and HLA-DQB 1*05:14.
Source Tissue Antigens 79:209-210, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Randazzo M, Terness P, Opelz G, Kleist C
Title Active-specific immunotherapy of human cancers with the heat shock protein Gp96—revisited
Source Int J Cancer 130:2219-2231, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Gale RP, Opelz G
Title Commentary: Does immune suppression increase risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia?
Source Leukemia 26:422-423, 2012 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Sadeghi M, Lahdou I, Daniel V, Schnitzler P, Fusch G, Schefold JC, Zeier M, Iancu M, Opelz G, Terness P
Title Strong association of phenylalanine and tryptophan metabolites with activated cytomegalovirus infection in kidney transplant recipients.
Source Hum Immunol 73:186-192, 2012 Abstract Full Text


Author(s) Wahrmann M, Döhler B, Ruhenstroth A, Haslacher H, Perkmann T, Exner M, Rees AJ, Böhmig GA
Title Genotypic diversity of complement component C4 does not predict kidney transplant outcome.
Source J Am Soc Nephrol 22:367-376, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Sadeghi M, Eckerle I, Daniel V, Burkhardt U, Opelz G, Schnitzler P
Title Cytokine expression during early and late phase of acute Puumala hantavirus infection.
Source BMC Immunol 12:65, 10 pages, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Leichtman A, Abecassis M, Barr M, Charlton M, Cohen D, Confer D, Cooper M, Danovitch D, Davis C, Delmonico F, Dew MA, Garvey C, Gaston R, Gill J, Gillespie B, Ibrahim H, Jacobs C, Kahn J, Kasiske B, Kim J, Lentine K, Manyalich M, Medina-Pestana J, Merion R, Moxey-Mims M, Odim J, Opelz G, Orlowski J, Rizvi A, Roberts J, Segev D, Sledge T, Steiner R, Taler S, Textor S, Thiel G, Waterman A, Williams E, Wolfe R, Wynn J, Matas AJ
Title Living kidney donor follow up: state-of-the-art and future directions. Conference summary and recommendations
Source Am J Transplant 11:2561-2568, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Schwenger V, Döhler B, Morath C, Zeier M, Opelz, G
Title The role of pretransplant dialysis modality on renal allograft outcome.
Source Nephrol Dial Transpl 26:3761-3766, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Treatment of kidney transplant recipients with ACEi/ARB and risk of respiratory tract cancer: A collaborative transplant study report.
Source Am J Transplant 11:2483-2489, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Heyder J, Heinold A, Kudlek E, Opelz G, Tran TH
Title Characterization of three new alleles HLA-A*02:241,HLA-A*02:242 and HLA-A*30:04:02.
Source Tissue Antigens 78:152-153, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Wang H, Opelz G
Title CD4+CD25+Foxp3+IFNγ+ human induced T regulatory cells are induced by interferon-γ and suppress alloresponses nonspecifically
Source Hum Immunol 72:699-707, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Tran TH, Döhler B, Heinold A, Scherer S, Ruhenstroth A, Opelz G
Title Deleterious impact of mismatching for human leukocyte antigen-C in presensitized recipients of kidney transplants.
Source Transplantation 92:419-425, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Döhler B, Sadeghi M, Salmela KT, Weimer R, Zeier M, Opelz G
Title Posttransplant sCD30 as a predictor of kidney graft outcome.
Source Transplantation 91:1364-1369, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Weimer R, Deisz S, Dietrich H, Renner F, Bödeker R, Daniel V, Kamali-Ernst S, Ernst W, Padberg W, Opelz G
Title Impact of maintenance immunosuppressive regimens - Balance between graft protective suppression of immune functions and a near physiological immune response.
Source Transpl Int 24:596-609, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Association of mismatches for HLA-DR with incidence of posttransplant hip fracture in kidney transplant recipients.
Source Transplantation 91:65-69, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Ovens J, Mahmoud K, Döhler B, Scherer S, Ruhenstroth A, Tran TH, Heinold A, Opelz G
Title No association of kidney graft loss with HLA antibodies detected exclusively by sensitive luminex single antigen testing.
Source Transplantation 91:883-887, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Opelz G, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Kidney transplantation for high-risk sensitized patients - The "Heidelberg Algorithm".
Source Transplant Proc 43:801-804, 2011 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Schmidt J, Opelz G, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients: are there options to overcome a positive crossmatch?
Source Langenbecks Arch Surg 396:467-474, 2011 Abstract Full Text


Author(s) Lahdou I, Sadeghi M, Daniel V, Schenk M, Renner F, Weimer R, Löb S, Schmidt J, Mehrabi A, Schnitzler P, Königsrainer A, Döhler B, Opelz G, Terness P
Title Increased pretransplantation plasma kynurenine levels do not protect from but predict acute kidney allograft rejection.
Source Hum Immunol 71:1067-1072, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Süsal C, Ruhenstroth A, Döhler B
Title Impact of HLA compatibility on lung transplant survival and evidence for an HLA restriction phenomenon.
Source Transplantation 90:912-917, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Gondos A, Döhler B, Opelz G, Brenner H
Title From cancer to transplantation: an evaluation of period analysis for calculating up-to-date long-term survival estimates.
Source Am J Epidem 172:613-620, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G
Is HLA matching useful?
Source Int J Immunogenet 37:327-328, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Beimler J, Opelz G, Ovens J, Scherer S, Schmidt J, Schmied B, Gross M, Schwenger V, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title An integrative approach for the transplantation of high-risk sensitized patients.
Source Transplantation 90:645-653, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Nemeth D, Ovens J, Opelz G, Sommerer C, Döhler B, Becker LE, Gross M, Waldherr R, Mieth M, Sadeghi M, Schmidt J, Langer RM, Zeier M, Süsal C
Title Does borderline kidney allograft rejection always require treatment?
Source Transplantation 90:427-432, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Pediatric kidney transplantation: Analysis of donor age, HLA match and post-transplant non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Source Transplantation 90:292-297, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Fuchs D, Daniel V, Sadeghi M, Opelz G, Naujokat C
Title Salinomycin overcomes ABC transporter-mediated multidrug and apoptosis resistance in human leukemia stem cell-like KG-1a cells.
Source Biochem Bioph Res Co 394:1098-1104, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Stern M, Opelz G, Döhler B, Hess C
Title Natural killer–cell receptor polymorphisms and posttransplantation non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Source Blood 115:3960-3965, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Heinold A, Kuehl B, Brenner-Weiss G, Opelz G, Tran TH
Title Sequential analysis by immunoprecipitation-MALDI-TOF: A novel method for detection and identification of alloantibody specificities.
Source Hum Immunol 71:462-467, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Heinold A, Opelz G, Döhler B, Scherer S, Ruhenstroth A, Tran TH
Title Genetic polymorphisms of adhesion molecules and kidney transplant survival.
Source Transplantation 89:1079-1087, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Zeier M, Döhler B, Schmidt J, Nawroth PP, Schwenger V, Opelz G
Title Transplantation of the type 1 diabetic patient: the long-term benefit of a functioning pancreas allograft.
Source Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 5:549-552, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Majid A, Al Khalidi L, Ahmed BQ, Opelz G, Schaefer F
Title Outcomes of kidney transplant tourism in children: a single center experience.
Source Pediatr Nephrol 25:155-159, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Opelz G, Döhler B
Title Impact of HLA mismatching on incidence of posttransplant non-Hodgkin lymphoma after kidney transplantation.
Source Transplantation 89:567-572, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Naujokat C, Fuchs D, Opelz G
Title Salinomycin in cancer: A new mission for an old agent.
Source Mol Med Rep 3:555-559, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Sadeghi M, Daniel V, Naujokat C, Schmidt J, Mehrabi A, Zeier M, Opelz G
Title Decreasing plasma soluble IL-1 receptor antagonist and increasing monocyte activation early post-transplant may be involved in pathogenesis of delayed graft function in renal transplant recipients.
Source Clin Transplant 24:415-423, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Naujokat C, Sadeghi M, Renner F, Weimer R, Opelz G
Title Association of high IFN-γ plasma levels with low B cell counts in renal transplant recipients with stable long-term graft function.
Source Clin Transplant 24:281-289, 2010 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Daniel V, Naujokat C, Sadeghi M, Zimmermann R, Huth-Kühne A, Opelz G
Title Increased peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets with regulatory phenotype in clinically stable long-term HIV-infected hemophilia patients on HAART may be beneficial and contribute to a decrease in autoimmunity.
Source Viral Immunol 23:87-97, 2010 Abstract Full Text


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